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The curious characteristics of a golf resort

The curious characteristics of a golf resort

With the collaboration of a trainee biologists, we have identified a small sample of the fauna we can find on our way around golf courses with a predominance of certain birds. Their presence varies depending on the time of year, spring and summer being the seasons with the widest variety of species.

“Golf courses can collaborate on conservation of the environment”

Federico Ramos de Armas.

Ignacio García del Pino of tells us that “in any golf resort,the characteristics of a golf course in terms of design, allow for the creation of numerous ecotones such as the lagoons used as water reserves and obstacles on the course, the sand traps (bunkers), the drainage channels, the areas of rough (bushes), the hedges, fields and wooded areas. These elements, which have a very positive effect on the increase in biodiversity on golf courses, are scientifically studied and well documented. Above all, they have an effect on the increase in water birds, both wintering and seasonal, migratory species, insects, amphibians and reptiles, especially in arid, Mediterranean climates, degraded or semi-degraded urban and peri-urban zones, in extensive areas with monocultures and natural spaces used for tourism and recreation”.

“Golf courses represent an important space for indigenous fauna and floras, The planting and subsequent maintenance of a golf course can help restore degraded ecosystems, reduce erosion, act as a filter for the replacement of contaminated residual waters, favour the recharge of aquifers, help control the greenhouse effect and become an important vector for environmental education.”

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